Wednesday, 27 March 2013

2063 visitors in 14 days

I started this blog as a bit of fun.

Somewhere to have as a personal space away from the "day job". 
Somewhere to indulge the Filofax side of life.
Somewhere to play with Filofax photography and to record the adventures of a Little Black Filofax out in the wild.

I have a miniscule Twitter account - here, if you want to follow me, or just click on "follow" in the sidebar. 

I have a very tiny Pinterest account, here - and I don't mind photos being repinned.

I'm not on Facebook, can't stand the place.

So really, I thought that it would just be me on Little Black Filofax and perhaps the occasional visitor, but in a fortnight there have been more than two thousand folk dropping by which is just incredible. 
In less than two weeks, if you search for "little black filofax" this blog is fourth on the front page of google. 

Where are you all coming from?

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