Friday, 29 March 2013

Filofax Adventure 2

This week, Little Black Filofax went to the dentist.
He's a nice man, if a little garlicky on occasion but given that his job is to look into other people's mouths with their peculiar smells I think I can forgive him for having hummus for lunch. The magazine selection is pretty good. I may well try "versatile grasses for more wow with less work" - the garden is a mud patch at the moment so anything would be an improvement.
Traveller is always a good read, but Grazia leaves me cold.

Yesterday LBFF and I went on a five hour round trip, driving. 
Sustenance was very definitely required as I dashed out of the house with not much breakfast and needed a meal en route. There is something almost wicked about eating a Hot Dog, burgers are tame and easy to consume but there certainly isn't a lady-like way to eat one of these. Little bits of crust are now sprinkled around the car, despite my best efforts with a paper napkin.

I'm considering trying to join in with The 333 Project. My problem is rather the reverse of many people because I don't have a huge wardrobe, but tend to wait until everything is nearly worn out before completely restocking, and buying three tops in the same style but different colours. 
I'm wondering if LBFF can help with this by keeping a note of the fabric yardages I have in the house and perhaps carrying some sort of swatch set up so that I don't buy things blindly, thinking that they will match when of course they don't.

In short, I am wondering about sewing a 333 wardrobe a piece at a time over three months.
I'll be back with swatch photos in a day or two.

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