Wednesday, 13 March 2013

a new filofax

And so it was that in the small hours of the morning as I was browsing the latest filofax listings on eBay, and searching for that elusive perfect binder, I came upon a filofax I did not previously know existed but which seems perfect for me. It wasn't an item which was currently in an auction - the last one was listed some time last year.

A Little Black Filofax.

Not the "pocket" size, which while useful is not the size of my pockets and needs to be carried in my hand which rather defeats the point, but a "mini" in a style I did not know had been produced. In fact after seventeen pages of google search I found that it isn't actually available, at least not in the usual way.

It can be bought (apparently) as a corporate item, branded by the thousand as a promotional offering.
It can be purchased from the filofax Hong Kong website at a price to make your eyes water.
It can, very occasionally be found on eBay, but months seem to go by without an appearance.

So when I found it on an official European filofax website at three in the morning, and saw that there were two, and only two available, and that the price was comparable to that of a decent bottle of supermarket wine, I did what any sane person would do, and I snaffled both of them up immediately. It is possible that some other items may have fallen into my basket as well. These accidents happen, and one may as well make maximum use of available postage options, don't you think?