Thursday, 14 March 2013

new A5 insert set

The postman delivered the new Filofax inserts this morning. 
These are for my A5  which is really used for everything. The One Binder System is alive and well here. Until now I have been using a combination of the ordinary Week to a View Diary which comes as standard in a new Filofax, normal dividers, and an additional Month on Two Pages for an overview of life encompassing work and personal things, plus various blank sheets for GTD capture.

I had seen the 2PPD version of this set in Staples (along with the serious price tag which goes with it), but I don't think I need that much daily detail.

However, this rather slimmer version seems to tick all the boxes.
I haven't had time to look at it in detail, but it looks as though it will be a workable set up, with the addition of my MO2P which will probably become part of a new personal section.

Unfortunately, today I have to, you know, do Actual Work, so I haven't got time to play with it for a few hours set it up in an efficient manner. That pleasure may have to wait until the weekend.

I am not sure if I am talking to myself here on this blog because it's so new, but if there are any Pro WO2P users I would be glad of any advice.

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